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Acne is more than skin deep...

Acne can affect self confidence and doesn’t just affect teenagers. There is more late onset acne too. It is hard waking up not knowing what your skin will look like day to day And acne can be painful too.

The good news is there are many effective treatments for acne. Start with a good skin care routine, your products don’t have to be expensive, just avoid oil based and ideally use brands developed for acne prone skin.

See you dermatologist or GP for topical treatments tailored for the type of acne you have. The next step is an oral treatment such as an antibiotic or certain contraceptive pills for women. Rarely a hormone imbalance can be a cause.

If you have severe scarring acne or the standard treatments are not working isotretinoin works excellently. There are several side effects to be aware of and only a dermatologist can prescribe this.

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