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Painless skin surgery?

There are three main reasons that you might need skin surgery. Firstly to remove or diagnose a skin cancer. Secondly to remove a benign lesion such as a cyst, lipoma or harmless mole that catches or is unsightly. There are different techniques for these conditions and I take the time to discuss all options with my patients. Third is a sample to help diagnose a rash. In most cases an experienced dermatologist will not need to do this as they will be able to make a diagnosis by examining you carefully. Beware the dermatologist who insists you have biopsies that may not be needed!

I use special techniques to reduce any discomfort to an absolute minimum and many patients comment “Was that all it was?” or even “I didn’t feel anything painful at all”. The aim of skin surgery is to chose the correct technique, ensure comfort, remove the lesion effectively and have a great cosmetic result too. I am highly skilled in skin surgery following years of specialist training. I operate many times every week and have impeccable results and fantastic cosmetic outcomes. Aftercare is crucial as rarely there may be problems after surgery. This is a priority for me. I have stepped in and helped private patients whose own dermatologist wouldn’t come back in to stop them bleeding and asked them to go to the emergency room. Make sure the dermatologist you choose will be available to you when you need them.

Contact me if you have any questions about skin surgery or any skin or hair issues though the contacts form or via my secretary Finlay on 07483 254292

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